Certification Quality Initiative

Online Certification Portal Embraces Technology

Training & Certification is a key part of the IPC value to the industry. As we look to future growth of the certification programs, it is important that IPC embraces technology, improves the quality of our programs, and simplifies the way we get things done. We will protect the value of IPC certification for all those individuals who are certified and those candidates seeking certification.

IPC transitioned to the Online Certification portal for online registration and online exams. Throughout 2018 we will be working to improve the online certification portal with the following improvements.

  • Reduce candidate registration times
  • Improving exam security
  • In service reviews, which allows IPC to dynamically adjust exams while in the field
  • Instructors can focus on quality of training and student performance
  • Testing system improvement for ease of navigation
  • Improve data integrity
  • Protect overall value of IPC certification
  • Increased question bank

The quality of training delivered by a professional instructor is a key piece of IPC’s delivery strategy. For many years, the Instructor has had to fulfill many roles when delivering IPC certification and training. Filling these many roles was distracting causing the quality of training to be compromised. Instructors can focus on the value-add of training now.

Online registration is aimed at simplifying the level of effort required to get students registered with IPC and subsequently, awarded with their certification. By entering the data at the point where students physically complete their certification, IPC is able to immediately process and update a candidate’s profile with their new achievement, greatly reducing turnaround time.

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Where do I get help on CQI?

As this is a joint program between IPC and our delivery partners, our focus is to work with you through the transition period to make it successful. IPC will remain focused on assisting you with any questions or suggestions for improvement. We will be collecting feedback from our training partners and CQI users, to enhance and improve the CQI system.

  • We also offer you the opportunity to schedule a live demonstration and Q&A session which are scheduled twice weekly.
  • IPC has developed a CQI user guide and invested in online training modules which will help you to learn more about the CQI interface and processes. The user guide and video tutorials are available on the Certification Portal.

NOTE: IPC strongly recommends that you frequently visit the Certification Portal website in order to stay up to date and get access to the latest tutorials and user guides.

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Online print function and future of paper exams

IPC is fully aware that in some cases you may encounter an on-site situation that temporarily hinders your ability to deliver exams electronically. To that end, IPC has implemented an "online print test" exam which will allow you to print and deliver exams at a secure site. It is important to note the following:

  • The online print test option is intended to be used as a temporary measure while secure internet connections are made available in the training area.
  • The online print test option is designed to be used only when the circumstance dictates.
  • There will be an ongoing focus by IPC to refine the online print test option with the goal of having all exams presented online. Given the extra processing required, the price of online print exams will continue to increase in order to serve the online print exam market.
  • IPC reserves the right to discontinue the availability of the online print function.

We look forward to working with our training partners to support the online portal as we embrace technology and move to deliver online registration, online testing and online certification. 


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