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Addressing the Printed Board National Security Dilemma

IPC Department Of Defense Printed Circuit Board Executive Agent Task Force

National security is an important priority for all — a priority that the printed circuit board (PCB) industry plays a vital role in. Recognizing this fact, Congress mandated the Department of Defense (DoD) to designate a PCB Executive Agent (EA) by January 2009 to strengthen national defense readiness. In January 2009, a special IPC task force forged ahead with the development of policy recommendations and is prepared to aid the DoD PCB Executive Agent when the appointment is finalized. The DoD has appointed the Navy as the EA as of June 2009.

Charged with the development and implementation of a PCB interconnect technology roadmap for the DoD, the EA is required to create a policy to ensure that the DoD has access to PCB manufacturing capabilities and the technical expertise necessary to meet future military requirements.

Recognizing the magnitude of the tasks before the EA, IPC mobilized a panel of experts comprising executives from leading North American PCB manufacturers to develop comprehensive policy recommendations for building upon and sustaining a North American printed board industry capable of supporting DoD needs and ensuring national security. The task force includes senior officers of Colonial Circuits Inc., Ddi Corp., Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc., Hunter Technology Corp., Sanmina-SCI, TTM Technologies, Viasystems and Vulcan Flex Circuits Corp.

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