IPC Issues Call for Participation for High Reliability Forum 2020
Deadline extended to February 21, 2020

February 13, 2020 — IPC and ANSYS invite engineers, researchers, academics, technical experts and industry leaders to submit abstracts for the High Reliability Forum, to be held May 12-14, 2020 in Baltimore, Md.

With a focus on electronics subjected to harsh use environments, expert papers and presentations are being sought on the following topics:

  • Connector failure modes and reliability
  • Design and simulation approaches to avoid EMI/EMC and ESD/EOS failures
  • Design for reliability
  • Design rules for spacing and staggered vias
  • Device level reliability, including transistor aging and wear-out
  • Failure modes effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Fatigue behavior and reliability testing for solder joints using next gen solder alloys
  • Harsh environment reliability and testing
  • HDI reliability
  • Materials compatibility
  • Vibration and shock test methods for predicting reliability
  • Microvia concerns and test methods
  • Microvia reliability and design rules
  • 3D package level reliability
  • Reliability assurance and prediction workflows
  • Robustness of interposers and new first level connection methodologies
  • Solder fatigue and the role of underfill, mirroring, and housing
  • System-level effects on solder joint reliability
  • PDBA surface reliability (including cleaning, testing and coating strategies)
  • Thermal mitigation
  • Thermal stress test methods
  • Use of simulation in the design process

Abstracts summarizing original and previously unpublished work must be submitted for consideration to present. Presentations should be non-commercial and describe significant results from experiments, emphasize new techniques, discuss trends of interest and contain technical and/or appropriate test results. Final presentations should be 45 minutes in length, including time for questions and answers.

The deadline to submit abstracts is February 21, 2020. For information, contact Brook Sandy-Smith, IPC technical conference program manager.

For information on sponsorship or table-top exhibitor opportunities please contact Alicia Balonek, IPC senior director, tradeshows and events.

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