IPC Announces European Hand Soldering Competition Calendar
Thanks, regional competition and world championship company sponsors

February 21, 2020 — IPC will conduct regional hand soldering competitions for professionals in Europe along with the world hand soldering championship at Electronica Germany in November.

Sponsors of this year’s regional competitions and world championship supplying hand soldering equipment and materials are: (Gold sponsors) Hakko, providing  soldering stations and fume extractors; Thales and SFM-Société Française de Microscopie, providing binoculars. Silver sponsors include Optilla, supplying digital visual inspection; TheDaylightCompany, supplying lighting; and Almit, providing soldering materials. IPC would like to thank our sponsors this year for supporting the European regional competitions and the world championship.

The current list of regional competitions will be located at the following events: France – GLOBAL INDUSTRIE-MIDEST in March; Russia – Expoelectronica in April (to be confirmed); Germany – SMTconnect in May; Denmark – E-20 Odense in September; United Kingdom – WNIE in September; Poland – Warsaw Industry Week in November; and Germany – Electronica in November.  

Contact Philippe Leonard, director, IPC Europe, at PhilippeLeonard@ipc.org for additional information on each regional hand soldering competition.

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