IPC Help for Instructors and Users

IPC Policy and Procedures
This link is for the latest revision of the IPC Policy and Procedures document. This document is free for download and should be used in all IPC training and certification programs.

Certification Help Desk
This is the Certification Help Desk login for any questions related to certification programs or for support with an online training issue.

Certification Program Information
This is the most important website page for IPC Certification participants. On this page, you will find a wealth of information starting with the six program links on current Training & Certification Programs. Other valuable information on this page includes, listings and contact information for IPC Authorized Training Centers, information about certification extensions, and listings of translations for CIT and CIS training materials. When going to one of the six program landing pages, one of the most important links on the page near the top, for Certified IPC Trainers is —“Support for Training <program> Application Specialists”.  This page will provide download links for the most current training material lists, training report forms, changes, updates and corrections to training material, etc. A similar link is provide for MITs as well.

Certificate Validation
IPC online Certification Portal is provided to users to validate a certificate and review certification history. Designated Certification Representatives may also review the company certification summary thru this portal. To request to be a certification representative you must make the request through the Certification Help Desk.

Technical Questions
This is the e-mail address to use for any technical questions related to IPC standards.

IPC Document Status
You can find a complete listing of all work in progress on new documents or revisions on this page. The status of each document is listed on this page such as: working draft; final draft for industry review; proposed standard for ballot; new publications; or new translations. By clicking on any given document number, you will be taken to the appropriate Committee Home Page where you can find free download of current drafts, comment lists and minutes from committee meetings. It is not a requirement to be a member of IPC or a member of the committee to download these and anyone is invited to submit comments using the online comment forms. If you’d like to become a member of the committee, just click on the “staff liaison” name to send a message and letting that person know you want to be involved. New committee members are always encouraged to participate!

IPC Free Downloads
This is the link to get free downloads such as document amendments, errata lists, and revision comparison documents such as the red-lines showing changes in J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 from D to E revisions. This is also the site for free download any of the IPC-TM-650 test methods that are referenced in IPC standards.

Orders Customer Service
This is the e-mail address for anything related to purchasing IPC documents, DVDs and certification program material, including requests for a formal quote or submission of purchase orders.

IPC Online Store

  1. Click on “Document Revision Table” to check for the most current version of any document and to see complete revision history for any document.
  2. Sign up to receive notification messages for new releases at “New Releases Notification Service.” This is especially important for IPC member companies as a reminder to request the FREE copy of each new standard that every member company is entitled to receive.
  3. “License Information” link provides the limitations of use for electronic versions of IPC documents.
  4. “Customer Service” link for the following:
    • How do I know what standards I want to purchase?
    • How can I see the entire IPC catalog?
    • How do I get discount pricing?
    • Why do I have to log in to put things in my shopping cart?
    • To Place an Order
    • To Change an Order
    • Shipping and Handling
    • Our Return Policy
    • How Secure are We?
    • Privacy Notice

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