IPC-TM-650 Equipment Vendor Listing

IPC-TM-650 Test Methods refer to many sources of equipment and materials necessary to perform the tests as noted in Section 4, Equipment/Apparatus of each Test Method. Over time, such information within the Test Methods become outdated. The following links constitute a dynamic, non-comprehensive listing of current equipment and/or material vendors as they are provided to IPC staff. Users and developers of IPC-TM-650 Test Methods are encouraged to contact IPC and provide updated equipment/material sourcing information to keep this listing up to date and accurate. Please send any requests to Deb Obitz via email at DeboraObitz@ipc.org or via phone +1 847-597-2848.

Copper Mirrors for Flux Corrosion List

Ductility/Flex Tester

IPC Thermal Excursion Simulator List

Solder Mask and Plating Adhesion Pull Test Tape List

Silver Chromate Paper for Solder Flux Examination List


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