IPC’s Industry Statistical Programs — a Free Benefit of IPC Membership

Participation in IPC’s industry statistical programs offers your company a unique source of current data on your industry and markets. When you participate, you receive valuable industry data to support planning and decision-making. Program participants also use this data to track the growth of their markets and market share.

In exchange for a commitment to contribute data regularly throughout the calendar year, participating companies receive the monthly or quarterly market reports and aggregate data at no charge. There is no cost to IPC members to participate.

Complete Confidentiality
IPC collects the data in strict confidence. Online surveys transmit participants’ data to a secure server. Data is stored in a secure system with code numbers, never with company names. Reports to the participants contain only aggregate data, and only when it represents a sufficient number of responses, to ensure complete confidentiality for all participants.

Window of Opportunity
These programs are open to new participants only once a year to ensure a consistent survey sample is maintained throughout the calendar year. IPC member companies have until February 15 to join the monthly statistical programs. For the quarterly programs, enrollment ends on April 22.

Interested members should contact IPC’s market research staff at +1 847-597-2868 or marketresearch@ipc.org.

“Reliable market information is critical for a business’s strategic planning process. The IPC Statistical Program provides our company with timely data that help us shape our new product development, geographic expansion and marketing programs. It is invaluable.”

Michael Carano
Vice President, Technology & Business Development
RBP Chemical Technology, Inc.

Current Statistical Programs for IPC Members

North American EMS Statistical Program (monthly) — Participating companies receive IPC’s monthly EMS Market Report free. The reports cover EMS market size, shipments, bookings, the EMS book-to-bill ratio and forecasts. Results are shown in total and by company-size tiers. Participants in this program also have the opportunity to answer a quarterly survey on financial and operational results covering such key business metrics as profit margins, cost of goods sold and overhead as percentages of sales, capacity utilization, inventory turns and many other statistics, all segmented by company size.

“I really enjoy the IPC statistical reports and information. It’s a great way for us to measure our performance to the rest of the industry.”

Gary Larson, President
Electronic Systems Inc.


Worldwide Assembly Equipment Assembly Equipment Statistical Program (quarterly) — Program participants receive a quarterly report covering aggregate equipment sales in value and units by region. Global data are collected for ovens, screen printers, fluid dispensers and test equipment, as well as AOI and x-ray inspection, board handling, selective soldering, rework and cleaning equipment. The Americas section of the report also covers sales of pick-and-place equipment by region and specific product types. The reports include data from the semiconductor equipment industry and leading indicators.


“The quarterly IPC Assembly Equipment Statistical Program is a very valuable tool in measuring our success. While other equipment statistics show only factory shipments, the IPC reports reflect actual sales to the marketplace, making them a vital part of our market tracking process.”

Bob Black
President and CEO
Juki Automation Systems

PCB Statistical Program (monthly) — PCB fabricators that participate in this program receive the North American PCB Market Report free. It covers market size and forecasts for rigid PCBs and flexible circuits, as well as current shipments, bookings and growth rates by product types and company-size tiers, and separate rigid and flex book-to-bill ratios. Backlogs, inventory levels, returns, and sales performance in the military, medical and prototype markets are also reported.
Global Solder Statistical Program (quarterly) — It is estimated that at least 70 percent of the global solder industry participates in this program. It reports the volume of solder shipments by product type and by regional market, with quarterly growth rates and a lead-free breakdown. Sales forecasts are included. The survey and reports are available in English and Chinese.

“The IPC statistical program provides valuable insight into the global demand patterns for solder that is not available elsewhere. This information, combined with the activities of the IPC Solder Products Value Council, helps reinforce the important role solder materials and solder suppliers play in the global electronics supply chain.”

Ross B. Berntson
Vice President
Indium Corporation

Global Process Consumables Statistical Program (quarterly) —
This program for the chemical industry covers worldwide and regional sales by specific product type, with year-on-year growth rates. The survey and reports are available in English and Japanese.

Other Market Research Benefits for IPC Members

IPC members receive discounts of 50% on most IPC market research reports. For more information about current reports and to order, go to www.ipc.org/market-research-reports.

IPC’s Market Update at a Glance is a quarterly business summary report published for IPC members. It provides a quarterly update on global sales growth by industry segment for PCB, EMS, semiconductors, solder, wet chemistry and assembly equipment. Each issue discusses the latest economic trends and leading indicators, including IPC’s Electronics Market Index. IPC members receive this report free as a benefit of membership.

View the current report. (Members only)

Also free to IPC members, the annual WECC Global PCB Production Report contains a compilation of PCB production value data from the major PCB-producing countries of the world.

These and many other resources are available in the members-only area of IPC’s website.

Major IPC Studies — Free to Companies that Participate in the Surveys

Annual Studies

  • Global Quality Benchmark Study for Electronics Assembly
  • Analysis and Forecast for the North American PCB Industry

Biennial Studies

  • Global PCB Technology Trends Study
  • Wage Rate and Salary Study for North American Assembly Companies


For more information about participating in IPC’s statistical programs and other market research opportunities, please contact IPC’s market research staff at marketresearch@ipc.org or +1 847-597-2868.