Merely Survive or DOMINATE

The business world is often compared to a jungle. In the wild, there is survival and death. Surviving means doing the bare minimum to get by, accepting the mantra of "good enough" as long as you make it through the night. But why let yourself be anything less than the best? Why not push yourself to evolve? Why merely survive…when you can dominate.

IPC is constantly evaluating the needs of our industry to identify the best possible solutions. It is this dedication that sets us apart and propels us forward. Being content isn't an option. In order to dominate, we have identified areas were we need to evolve. And in response, have set out to do just that.

What has IPC pushed to evolve?


In order to set the bar higher, IPC has pushed to evolve a number of our own critical programs. For example, IPC certification programs began in the '90s. Since then, updating paper-based exams was infrequent. Simply put, this was not good enough for today's needs.

After identifying these weaknesses, IPC created the Certification Quality Initiative (CQI). This initiative drastically improved our process for training and certification in order to offer a dynamic environment that delivers training and materials when you need it.

"Facilitating electronic testing allows IPC certifications to have completely randomized questions and answers. We can supply instant student feedback on their pass/fail, and can gather data on questions so that new questions can be added and evaluated for the future," said David Bergman, vice president of standards, technology, and international relations at IPC. "Our certification portal will continue to evolve to add multiple test languages, as well as a multilingual portal in the future for ease of use globally."

We have recognized the changing demands of the modern digital business world, and as a result, evolved the way we provide training and operator certification.

IPC Standards

On top of that, we continue to update our standards to match the evolving needs of the industry.  This comes on the heels of many major standard revisions, including IPC J-STD-001F, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies and IPC-A-610F, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies. The revisions we make on standards consider today's needs while anticipating future changes.

IPC will continue to drive quality initiatives to demonstrate expertise and commitment. As part of this, we will meet the requirements of OEMs and electronics manufacturing companies that expect improved quality, enhanced reliability, and streamlined communications.

Push to evolve today.  To learn more visit