Making Impactful Changes from the Shop Floor to Capitol Hill

When you have issues and concerns that impact your business, you will want to bring them to somebody who can offer you a solution: a policymaker capable of working to change legislation in your favor. That is exactly what IPC’s Meet the Policymakers program provides. This program, which first launched in 2013, is designed to put you directly in front of the people who can make a difference.

The success of your organization is important, and anything that distracts from that success is problematic. But you are not alone. From taxes and regulation to training and education, being engaged with policymakers (including members of congress and congressional representatives) helps to address these needs. IPC will help you lobby your representative for your solutions and changes that will help you grow and achieve.

Congressional visits to your facilities help illustrate the importance of the electronics industry for the global economy. The skills, quality, and diversity of our industry’s workforce is important, and working with policymakers to understanding how the challenges of advanced manufacturing impacts your potential growth by assisting in the creation of pro-growth policies.

“Site visits are one of the most effective ways to educate and influence members of Congress on the issues affecting our industry,” said John Hasselmann, IPC vice president of government relations.  “Many officials have proven to be receptive to the opportunity to meet with IPC-member companies and hear their opinions about the policy issues affecting their business. This is also a chance for members to build lasting relationships with local elected officials and become an effective industry advocate.”

Having now coordinated 54 of these site visits, the program continues to grow. The most recent site visit brought a representative from Senator Baldwin’s office to VirTex MTI in Menomonee Falls, Wis. There, management from VirTex MTI was able to directly ask questions and share their concerns about the local economy and growth opportunities for their facility. The discussion focused on community and the negative impact of the growing skills gap. In many areas of the country, there are plenty of jobs, but not enough skilled workers. This was of great concern to VirTex, and Senator Baldwin’s representative was able to provide insight into the issue.  

There was a spirited discussion on how VirTex MTI can engage the various technical colleges, explore options of hiring Veterans, and learn new ways of providing training in order to reduce the skills gap. The meeting was followed up with a tour of the facility. All in all, these site visits provide a unique opportunity for you to have your voice heard as a business leader.

“IPC’s Meet the Policymakers program is a great opportunity to meet with the state representatives who create the policies that VirTex MTI faces on a daily basis,” said Upinder Singh, vice president and general manager, VirTex MTI. “Having a representative from Senator Baldwin’s office come to our facility and speak with us about the challenges and successes we face helps strengthen us as a company.”

Through the Meet the Policymakers program, IPC coordinated a second site visit on April 13 at VirTex MTI’s parent company, VirTex in Austin, Texas, with Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX-10) to discuss the federal policy issues facing the advanced manufacturing industry.

For more information on the Meet the Policymakers program, please contact Julie Desisto, IPC government relations coordinator, at