2018 Best Paper Honorable Mention

Bottom Heating during Manual Rework

Bottom Heating during Manual Rework

Lars Bruno, Ericsson AB
Stockholm, Sweden


The sizes and weights of electronic printed board assemblies vary much, and these differences are tending to increase.  Although the speed of miniaturization is high, there is an opposite trend for electronic boards intended for base stations and core network nodes.  Many of these boards get both bigger and heavier at each product generation and this implies difficulties during rework.

To be able to perform rework on thermally heavy boards with heat sensitive components, additional heat is needed to be supplied.  Before the rework could even start, these boards need preheating, which is often performed as bottom heating of the whole board prior to the rework.  For thermally heavy boards, this kind of external bottom heating is indeed necessary during the whole rework cycle.

An ergonomic solution, that makes it easy to apply additional board heating during manual rework, is to build in the bottom heater within the work table.

The goal of this investigation was to understand how different kinds of bottom heating affect manual rework for different components and board designs and to suggest solutions on how to use bottom heating during manual rework in the most convenient, ergonomic and safe way.

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