CFX – The IPC Connected Factory Initiative

Because the Right Path to Industry 4.0 is Open, Free and Standards-Based Factory Communications

CFX Factory Connectivity Standard

  • Factory Information Integration for the Internet of Things (IoT)
    • CFX is a modern data & control method defined by an IPC Standard for digital communication across all factory machines, sensors, devices and software systems

  • Free, Open, and Controlled by the Industry
    • CFX is a free, standardized, open IPC standard and not owned or controlled by any commercial party

  • The Product of Unprecedented & Broad industry Collaboration
    • CFX has been developed by involvement of the leading industry manufacturers, software, device and machine vendors within the framework of an IPC committee

  • Plug-and-Play & Future-Proof
    • CFX assures plug-and-play digital integration when choosing any CFX machine
    • CFX provides extensible to support future transport technologies as well as evolving data content

  • Unleashes Information but Doesn’t Presume to Tell You How to Use It
    • CFX provides the standardized data and command backbone to your enterprise, enabling you to differentiate through how well you leverage the data
    • CFX does not apply logic, analytics or decision making on the data
    • CFX allows you to decide how to use the data

IPC CFX – IoT Data Exchange

Learn more about the next live demo or how to join the CFX committee contact David Bergman,


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