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Committee D-61 Printed Electronics Design Subcommittee
Chair Alan M Burk, ALMAX
Vice Chair Richard Snogren, Bristlecone LLC
Staff Liaison Chris Jorgensen
Committee Charter This subcommittee is responsible for generating standards related to fundamental design considerations for printed electronics. Design consideratons shall include information pertaining to material selection, layout configuration, assembly processes, test, and in service use. This subcommittee is currently developing IPC-2292, Sectional Design Standard for Printed Electronics (Additive Circuitry). This standard establishes the design requirements for using printed methods (additive circuitry) for applying a material which will serve an electronic function onto a substrate. These application methods can include screen, gravure, pad, flexo, offset, ink jet, electric photo and other processes. The standard will cover printed electronics on flexible substrates, rigid substrates, 3D substrates and on rigid or flexible PCBs. The final design can be printed exclusively or a hybrid of printed and placed components. The final printed devices may be passive (resistors, capacitors) or active devices using organic semiconductors, or others devices such as active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLEDs), batteries, memory, biological sensors, tactile sensors, etc. This standard will use IPC-2221 as a baseline for generic requirements.
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