IPC Technical Education
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IPC Technical Education
16-17 April in English and 18-19 April in German!

IPC will hold a series of language-specific Tech Ed sessions dedicated to PCBA cleaning and coating issues during the second quarter of 2018 in Europe.

These IPC Tech Ed sessions are organised in with our partner Zestron and will take place in Ingolstadt, Germany:

  • English – 16-17 April 2018
  • German – 18-19 April 2018

With a focus on cleaning and coating, these two full-day courses will walk attendees through the automated coating process and machine cleaning methods. Tech Ed will feature instruction and tutorials from outstanding experts in the electronics industry. The European Tech Ed 2018 will develop knowledge and the necessary skills to help engineers and electronic professionals to advance, change or refocus careers and position organisations for future growth.

Location: Zestron HQ, Bunsenstr. 6 - 85053 Ingolstadt, Germany


  • Day 1 Morning session: Automated and Selective Conformal Coating - Nordson
  • Day 1 Afternoon session: Cleaning machines - MBTech
  • Day 2 Morning session: Coating machines - Humiseal
  • Day 2 Afternoon session: Cleaning Before Coating - Zestron


  • Member 700 Euros
  • Non-member 850 Euros

Registration will open on March 12

For questions or other inquiries, please contact Natalia Rivas: RivaNa@ipc.org