IPC Southeast Asia November Events
19–20 November, 2013 • Miracle Grand Convention Hotel • Bangkok

IPC is offering two special events on consecutive days in Bangkok this November.

Conference on Assembly and Reliability — FREE
20 November

Our full-day conference on 20 November will cover the critical areas of solderability and reliability in your assembly process.  A dozen experts from world-renowned organizations in Asia, Europe and North America will help you focus on practical reliability methods you can deploy today. The conference is free to all participants, but space is limited. Register today to save your seat!

“Leveraging Chip-on-Board Technology in Mainstream SMT Packaging and Applications”
19 November

On 19 November, Mukul Luthra of Waterfall Technologies will lead a special full-day workshop on Chip-on-Board technology addressing issues such as:

  • design rules for fan out
  • pitches, layout and attachment considerations
  • process and equipment
  • bonding variables
  • bonding tools and tool variables
  • challenges in failure analysis and rework

Register today! Registration closes 15 November and no walk-in registrations will be accepted.


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