WHMA 27th Annual Wire Harness Conference to Offer Workshop on the Evolution of IPC’s Cable and Wire Harness Documents
Electronics Industry SME, Robert Cooke to present

October 30, 2019 — Robert Cooke, NASA aerospace engineer and electronics industry subject matter expert, will deliver a technical education workshop, “The Evolution of IPC’s Cable & Wire Harness Documents: IPC-D-620, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-HDBK-620 at the WHMA 27th Annual Wire Harness Conference, February 18, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the workshop, Cooke will cover how IPC’s cable and harness assembly documents were created – from the submission of comments and technical content covering acceptance requirements for cable and wire harness assemblies in IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC/WHMA-A-620x-S, to the evolution of companion documents IPC-D-620, IPC-HDBK-620, and separate design and acceptance documents for optical fiber, optical cable, and hybrid wiring harness assemblies.

In addition, Cooke will address how the documents can be used and what the acceptance code means; how the design and acceptance documents and handbooks work together; what a handbook does and doesn’t do; and hot topics included in each of the documents.

“High-quality cables and wiring harnesses are often the most overlooked or ignored component in a design,” said Cooke, “and this workshop provides important information on why design is critical in the development of standards such as IPC/WHMA A-620 and IPC-A-610.”

The technical education workshop is $150.00 for IPC/WHMA members and $185.00 for nonmembers. For more information on the conference including schedule, speaker profiles or to register for the workshop or other conference activities, visit http://annualconference.whma.org.

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