Test Board Vendors

IPC maintains a listing of board fabricators that can provide test boards called out within the following IPC artwork files:

  • B-24 boards referenced in IPC-A-24 Surface Insulation Resistance.
  • B-25 boards referenced in IPC-A-25 Multipurpose 1&2 Sided Test Pattern.
  • B-25A boards referenced in IPC-A-25A Multipurpose 1 Sided Test Pattern.
  • B-36 boards referenced in IPC-A-36 Cleaning Alternatives Artwork.
  • B-52 boards referenced in IPC-A-52 Cleanliness and Residue Evaluation Test Artwork. 

NOTE: The IPC-B-52 test board is intended to be a process qualification vehicle, with the materials of construction and source of test boards to be representative of the hardware being produced within the manufacturing process. As such, it is not recommended that this test board be purchased as a commodity or stock item. It is recommended that this test board be fabricated by the manufacturer's chosen board supplier, using the chosen materials of construction for production assemblies.

IPC Test Boards Can Be Obtained From:

Terry Munson or Terra Burns
Foresite, Inc.
1982 S. Elizabeth St.
Kokomo, IN 46902
Available Boards: B-24, B-25, B-25A and B-36

Renee Michalkiewicz
NTS Baltimore (formerly Trace Labs)
5 North Park Drive
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
They can provide IPC-B-24, IPC-B-25, IPC-B-25A, and IPC-B-36 boards.

Lynda Postlethwaite

Sunstone Circuits LLC.
13626 S. Freeman Road
Mulino, OR 97042
Available Boards: B-24, B-25, B-25A and B-36. B-25 and B-25A boards are normally not in stock so there are set minimums for ordering either of these two boards - Please Call.

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