Reach for Preparation Manufacturers

Preparations are mixtures of substances, such as solder flux.  Only substances have to be registered, preparations or articles do not.

Manufacturers (in the EU) and Importers (into the EU) of preparations are considered downstream users under REACH.  Although not responsible for substance registration, all substances that are part of a manufactured or imported preparation must be registered for the specific preparation use by either the substance manufacturer or the preparation manufacturer.

Downstream Users should:

  • inform substance supplier about use and exposure scenarios
  • follow advised risk management measures (RMM)

If particular downstream substance use of greater than one ton per year is not identified in substance registration the preparation manufacturer or importer is responsible for registration and preparation of the chemical safety report (CSR).

Preparation manufacturer must identify and apply measures to control risks and include this in communication to downstream users through safety data sheets (SDS).

We recommend the following resources as a starting point:

IPC Webcast on REACH — May 15, 2008

IPC Conference on Electronics and the Environment — July 16-17


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