REACH for Substance Manufacturers

Substance manufacturers have significant responsibilities under REACH including the preparation of registration dossiers and the communication with their downstream customers.

Manufacturers of substances (in the EU) and importers of substances (into the EU) have to

  • Submit a technical dossier when registering chemicals
  • Submit a chemical safety report, including life cycle and exposure assessment and risk characterization for substances made/imported at >10 tonnes
  • Collect and share existing data on properties of substances, and generate new information
  • Prepare Safety Data Sheets and supply them to downstream users and distributors
  • Classify and label substances (using GHS system)
  • Apply identified risk management measures to own uses

While non-EU companies do not have direct obligations under REACH the importer is REACH obligated

Pre-registration starts on June 1st, 2008 and is open for 6 months only (1 June – 1 December 08).  While pre-registration is not required, it allows for extended Registration deadlines (2010 – 2013 – 2018).  All substances not pre-registered will be treated as new chemicals and will not enjoy extended registration deadlines.

IPC Webcast on REACH — May 15, 2008

IPC Conference on Electronics and the Environment — July 16-17


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