North American Competitiveness for PCB Industry

IPC Policy Recommendations to the Department of Defense Printed Circuit Board Executive Agent
North American Electronic Interconnect Industry Support to the Department of Defense (.pdf)


About the Department of Defense Printed Circuit Board Executive Agent

Recognizing a threat to national security, Congress enacted legislation, contained in the FY 2009 National Defense Authorization Act, that directs the Department of Defense (DoD) to create a position of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Executive Agent.

Congress directed the Executive Agent to oversee the development and implementation of a PCB and interconnect technology roadmap for DoD. The Executive Agent is required to create a policy to assure that DoD has access to the PCB manufacturing capabilities and the technical expertise necessary to meet future military requirements. The law also requires the Executive Agent to assess and develop a plan to address the PCB supply chain to meet DoD and trustworthiness requirements for PCB use in defense systems.

About the IPC Task Force

IPC is the electronic interconnect industry’s largest and most authoritative representative group and has formed a task force to assist and counsel the Executive Agent. IPC has extremely deep data points on the industry, first-hand comprehension of business matters and regulation, the foremost expertise on all electronic interconnect matters, and all major PCB and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) participants among its membership.

IPC formed a panel of experts from among its membership for the purpose of advocating the positions and policy directions to the PCB Executive Agent. The goal of this task force is to advise the Executive Agent of the actions necessary to the creation and sustenance of a PCB industry capable of supporting DoD and prime OEM needs.



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