IPC Education Foundation Facilitates Partnerships Between Industry Leaders and Educational Institutions
Industry Leaders Sponsor IPC Student Chapters

February 27, 2019 — During IPC APEX EXPO 2019, the IPC Education Foundation launched six IPC student chapters at: Auburn, North Carolina State, Sacramento State, Central Carolina Community College, Gwinnett Technical College, and Michigan Technical University. The student chapters at North Carolina State, Central Carolina Community College and Michigan Technical University provide examples of how industry can partner with education institutions to prepare engineering students with knowledge specific to the electronics industry.

Weller’s Susan Spaulding remarked, “Weller Tools, the world-wide leader in manual soldering equipment, is supporting students at North Carolina State and Central Carolina.”By sponsoring the annual student fee, Weller provides students access to industry produced video courses, IPC standards, and the benefits of IPC membership including additional industry courses at member discounted rates.

Calumet Electronics is another industry partner that is helping college students at Michigan Technical University enter the electronics sector better prepared with specific knowledge and skills. “As we recruit students and faculty to start IPC Student Chapters, we’re creating special partnerships, facilitated by the IPC Education Foundation, to pair IPC member companies with universities and technical schools in their region,” said Colette Buscemi, senior director of IPC education programs. “We’ve built this cooperative model to open opportunities for students to enter our industry with knowledge and skills that give them an advantage in the job market. Companies benefit because their job candidates come to the table with specific, industry knowledge.”

The IPC Education Foundation, a 501©(3) organization, focuses on strengthening and shaping the emerging workforce by providing educational opportunities, connecting the emerging workforce with industry opportunities, improving the perception of the industry, and offering scholarships to deserving students.

For more information on the IPC Education Foundation, contact Buscemi at ColetteBuscemi@ipc.org or visit www.ipcef.org.

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