Government Relations Steering Committee

IPC Government Relations Mission Statement

IPC will monitor governmental actions that affect the electronics interconnection industry and will represent and promote our member's interests.

Committee Charter

The IPC Government Relations (GR) Committee will work to further IPC members' interests by promoting policies to foster economic growth and job creation and to enhance the international competitiveness of the electronic interconnection industry. The Committee addresses the range of issues that affect IPC member companies, such as: tax policy, trade policy and trade promotion (including support for a fair, open and rules-based international trading system), technology policy (support for electronic interconnection research and development) and other issues as determined by Committee members.

Goal of Government Relations Steering Committee

To provide relevant fact-based information to policy makers at the national and local levels and to inform the IPC membership about legislation that may be of concern.  

Government Relations Guidance

IPC participates in the political and administrative processes in response to, and in advance of, public policy proposals by presenting our views to policymakers. IPC influences policy through the consistent development of high quality, fact-based positions on issues affecting the electronics industry.

IPC Government Relations Steering Committee Guidelines

Steering Committee Members

  • Bhawnesh Mathur, Creation Technologies (Chair)
  • Bob Black, Juki Automation Systems
  • Jack Calderon, Lincoln International
  • Peter Cleveland, Intel
  • Tom Edman, TTM Technologies
  • Everett Frank, Optimum Design Associates
  • Joseph O’Neil, OAA Ventures
  • Ash Padwal, Allied Telesis
  • Faisal Pandit, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America
  • David Raby, STI Electronics
  • Anthony Revier, Uyemura
  • Ray Sharpe
  • Suzy Sterner, SAIC
  • Matt Turpin, Zentech
  • Mikel Williams, Targus
  • Bret Bruhn, TTM Technologies (EHS Committee liaison to GR Committee)

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