Global Statistical Programs for IPC Members
Now Open for 2019
Global Programs Available for EMS,
Assembly Equipment and Solder

March 1, 2019 — IPC’s statistical programs for the global electronics manufacturing services (EMS), assembly equipment and solder industries are now open to new participants for 2019. The deadline for IPC members to sign up is April 1. Participating companies receive quarterly market data at no cost. Participation is free to IPC-member companies as a benefit of membership.

The statistical programs give participating companies access to timely market data that they could not collect themselves and would be prohibitively expensive to obtain from research firms. As a neutral and trusted third party, IPC collects sales, orders and other business data from the participating companies using a secure and confidential online survey system. In exchange, these companies receive the aggregate data and comprehensive quarterly reports that reveal the latest market trends for the industry. Individual company data is kept strictly confidential.

Participating companies use the data in their marketing, sales, planning and financial activities. It helps them to track changes in their market shares, compare their business performance to industry averages within their product segments, and identify growing and declining markets.

These statistical programs have been running for decades. The EMS Statistical Program was limited to North American manufacturers until this year. Participation is now open to EMS companies in Asia and Europe. Participants are both public and private companies of all sizes, including many of the world’s leading companies. Details about these and other IPC statistical programs is at

IPC members interested in participating this year can sign up by contacting IPC at or by phone at +1 847-597-2868, by April 1.

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