Frequently Asked Questions: Training & Certification

What is IPC training and certification?
IPC’s training and certification programs are developed by and through consensus of industry, including but not limited to members of IPC and many others such as representatives from academia, government agencies, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), electronic manufacturing service companies (EMS) and circuit board manufacturing companies, and are used worldwide.

Participation in any IPC training and certification program is voluntary. Membership in IPC is not required for use of any IPC Training and Certification Program; however, IPC member companies enjoy a discount on the cost of training materials. Training consistency and program integrity is maintained by establishing certification criteria and control on all levels of the program through industry consensus and the use of standardized training materials.

Where can I find IPC Policy and Procedures?
This link is for the latest revision of the IPC Policy and Procedures document. This document is free for download and should be used in all IPC training and certification programs. Here you will find additional information on IPC Help for Instructors and Users. 

How do I become certified?
The IPC Certification Department will be happy to assist with getting you started on certification.  Please contact IPC’s Certification Department via the Certification Help Desk.

How do I get help with online certification?
All certification questions and online certification support requests need to go through the Certification Help Desk. - Please be aware that we have implemented a new Certification Help Desk for service requests. The help request submissions will allow us to track the requests better and respond more easily. - You can set up your access to the Help Portal from the CQI home page.  Just click the link Certification Help Desk and follow the prompts.  Be sure to include your name and email address in your request so we can respond to you.

What standard-based training and certification program(s) does IPC currently offer?
Information on current IPC standards training and certification programs are described here. Each program description includes a listing of Authorized Training Centers where one can get training and certification. Program description flyers are available for each program from the site as well.

What is a maximum class size allowed per trainer?
To ensure the personal attention required by the training, standards-based training sessions programs that have only lecture presentations are limited to fifteen (15) students per trainer. Standards-based programs that have workmanship skills training shall be limited to twelve (12) students per trainer. Design certification courses are limited to thirty (30) students per instructor.

What kind of material do I need to conduct training for my student(s)?
The training material you would need depends on your credentials and certification level. - The industry-approved course materials available through IPC must be used to conduct training that will lead to IPC certification. In addition to the published IPC standards and reference documents, only original publications including instructor guides, training visuals and supplemental training materials as developed and revised by the specific IPC Technical Training Committee, and obtained from IPC, may be used in the IPC Training and Certification Programs.

Who can purchase certification exam credits?
A Master IPC Trainer (MIT), a Certified IPC Trainer (CIT), as well as a Company designated administrator can order certification exam credits via the IPC Online Store ( using credit card or with TERMS if your company is a member of IPC.  

How many exams credits can be purchase at a time? 
 As many as needed. IPC suggests that you not purchase more credits than you need at any given time.  Certification exam credits will expire one year from the date of purchase.

Do purchased CQI exams credits expire? 
Yes. Certification exam credits will expire one year from the purchase date.

How often should a certified trainer recertify?
Certified IPC trainers are required to recertify every two years.

How can I obtain a paper copy certificate?
As of April 1, 2015, certificates are NOW provided through the online CQI Portal electronically.

How do students take exams?
There are two options for the students to take online exams: On-line and Online Print.

On-line allows students to take the exams online. - When the student passes, the certificate will be shown on the screen. The trainer can print it out and sign, just like the regular paper certificate.

Online Print allows students to take the paper exams printed out from the CQI portal. -  When the trainer enters the grades back into the CQI portal (with a unique Proctor code from each exam paper), the certificates will be created and e-mailed to the trainer.

Why do I need a waiver and where can I find it?
Online electronic exams are to be used as the default mechanism for written exams. In certain cases, it may be possible to utilize the online print test option. The online print test option is only applicable in cases where electronic online testing is not available due to lack of infrastructure or access there to, in other words, in cases where the online exam cannot be successfully delivered due to issues outside of the trainer or training centers control. In the case where a trainer or training center seeks to leverage the online print test option, the trainer or training center is required to file an online print test waiver which will need to be approved by the IPC certification program office prior to delivery of the exam. IPC reserves the right to collaborate with the client and training center to attempt to address and or resolve any instances where electronic testing is being restricted. The trainer or training center need only complete one waiver per location where the training is being held. Waivers may be reviewed at any time by IPC to evaluate if delivery circumstances have improved and are more favorable to online electronic testing. In these cases, IPC may revoke the waiver in favor of electronic testing.

How does the online print function work?

  1. Sign on to
  2. Fill out the online print waiver
  3. Select View/Edit Class
  4. Select Enter New Class
  5. Enter class details (course, modules, trainer’s employer, course type and training dates)
    1. The Trainer’s employer will default to display your company name
    2. The course type for training reports is online print
    3. Select the drop down menu labeled Invoices, select an invoice from the dropdown menu. Click on the “add invoice” link next to it
  6. Click Add to save the class details
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Enroll Students
  8. Once students have been added, click Return to Class Details
  9. Click on a button located mid to bottom of the page labeled “Get test for All Students”
  10. Once clicked a box will appear notifying you that the exams are being emailed (the emails are sent to the instructor)


How do I enter grades?
Grades are entered by the total number of questions answered correctly. You no longer need to enter the percentage. Once the score is entered, click on the check mark to save the information. Repeat this for all modules.

I accidentally created a duplicate class record and, - it needs to be deleted. - What do I do?
The website won’t allow you to submit without a certificate number. Since we are deleting the record because it’s a duplicate anyway, type in the word DELETE in the certificate number field.

What are acceptable payments for purchasing IPC products and CQI exams? 
Certification exam credits are now available for purchase via the IPC Online Store. IPC accepts major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Diners Club).  IPC members have an option to place online orders by PO and receive an invoice.  Invoice can be paid by credits, wire transfer, ACH or check.

Purchase Order - If using a Purchase Order, please e-mail your Purchase Order, to as soon as the order is placed online.  PO orders will not be approved and finalized until the copy of the PO is received. 

Credit Card - IPC does not accept credit card payments via the phone or email.  Credit card payments must be done online. 

Payment towards open Quote - If a quote has been prepared, please reference the quote/invoice number when sending a payment. Please note that prices are subject to change between the day the quote was prepared and the day payment is received. - Quotes expire  90 days after issue date.  Most quotes can be paid online via the IPC Online Store

Check -  Payment by check  must including shipping and handling charge noted on the invoice.  Mail check to: IPC 3491 Eagle Way Chicago, Illinois 60678-1349

Wire Transfer- Wire payment must include shipping and handling charge noted on the invoice. 

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. New York, NY 
Account Name: - IPC-Depository 
Account #: 0018231861
ABA Routing #: 021000021.

ACH – ACH payment must include shipping and handling charge noted on the invoice.              
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
10 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60603 
Account Name: - IPC-Depository 
Account #: 0018231861 
ABA Routing #: 071000013

How much are the Certification exam credits and how do I place an order?
Certification exam credits can be purchased online via the IPC Online Store. Please Note: You must be an IPC MIT/CIT or an approved company admin with rights from your company to purchase the online certification exam credits. All admins will have to pre-register with IPC to purchase online certification exam credits. Certification exam credits are available for purchase in $1 increment.  Exam credits will be decremented based on the pricing structure that exists when a class is scheduled.

I do not see my CQI order on the portal.
Certification exam credit funds will be available within 24 hours of the purchase. - If it has been more than 24 hours from the time you placed and paid for the order, please contact our Certification Department via Certification Help Desk by logging in to the portal with your username and password, or call + 1 847-597-2982. 

How do I navigate the CQI portal? 
Please refer to the CQI Manual for a detailed “User’s Guide” on how to navigate the CQI Portal.

I just placed an order for an online exam, - when will the order show on the portal? 
Your account will be updated within 24 hours of your order.

I created my profile, now my certifications are missing, and I cannot access my portal. - why?
Because we already had you listed in our database when you created a profile, it created a duplicate record in our database. Please submit a help desk ticket with a description of the problem and we will correct the issue on your behalf. 

How can I request an extension to my certification?
Extensions may only be granted by a currently certified CIT or MIT in the same program. - A CIT or MIT can request his own extensions. - Certified IPC Trainers are authorized to grant; - at their discretion and in accordance with ISO or other certification guidelines and restrictions that may be in place at your company, a single extension of up to ninety (90) days. - The trainer must complete the 90-Day Certification Extension form and note the extension on the certificate. - DO NOT submit the form to IPC.

As a CIT, how do I request an extension on the portal?
To request your extension, please log on to our IPC Certification Portal and enter your login name and password. Once you are logged in, you can view your certification by clicking on the “My Certification Summary” tab and “Request Extension” link, the website will be updated with an asterisk by the expiration date to indicate the extension has been granted and you will receive an auto-generated extension notification via e-mail.

My company has multiple trainers and I would like to be their administrator so that we would only need to have one account and I could also set up classes if required. What options can IPC offer?
In cases of multiple trainers, IPC offers you an option to create one account and assign a CQI Program Administrator as the account owner. - The ideal candidate is the person most responsible for entering reports and maintaining certification records. - A CQI Program Administrator may enter reports on behalf of their CITs. The CQI Administrator would be able to schedule classes for all CITs/MITs at your site and will be able to view the Certification Administrator Summary. The “Certification Administrator Summary” provides a detailed listing of all certification received from your company. - To become a CQI Program Administrator, please create a help desk ticket and let us know.

I need to delete an enrolled student, how do I do that?
In order to delete a student, click on the name of the student and then enter a note in the student’s record (in the student comments section) that you would like us to delete this record because it was just a test or duplicate or mistake, etc. - Once the note is received, the record can be deleted on our end. 

Can you delete my submitted class? I realized I made a mistake.
Once the class is submitted, it cannot be deleted. We can work on resolving the mistake providing you give us the details. Send your request to IPC via the Help Desk.

I am a certified CIT, why doesn’t the drop down button show my program to which I am certified for?
It is possible that your training has not yet been submitted. Please contact your trainer and have them submit your training via the CQI portal or have them send us a copy of the training report via the Help Desk. Then enter the certificate number and click submit to IPC.

Why do students need to have an e-mail account to take an online exam?
Online exams need to be proctored by an onsite MIT/CIT.  The MIT/CIT needs to sign in first, and then the student will sign on to take the exam. - All students must have a valid and unique e-mail address in order to take an online exam.  If they do not have one, they can create one using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other free e-mail provider.

When the students complete the online exam, will they see their results?
Once exams are completed, the trainer can view his/her students’ results in one location. Results are posted automatically for online exams. The student will be able to see their results including incorrect and correct responses.

I am a trainer and need assistance adding students to my class.
To add a student to a class, the student must first be added to the IPC database. - Login into the portal to find out if your student is already in the database. - Perform a name search by entering the student’s last name and first name and click “Search”. - The portal will provide you with a list of names to choose from. If you see your student’s name, click on it to add them to your class. If your student’s name is not shown, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on “Add New Student”. This will provide you with a form so that the student’s information can be added to our database. - Please use our Certification Help Desk for additional assistance.   

I am a new student and will be attending training for the first time and have been instructed to have my e-mail/password prior to the training. How do I do that?
You will need to create a profile since we do not already have you listed in our database. You may create your profile using the Portal.

My company is a Certification center/Distributor of IPC. Why does my order no longer reflect 10% discount on 20 or more Certification exam credits?
You are purchasing certification exam fund credits in $1 increments.  Based on your signed partner agreement with IPC, a 10% discount is applied to purchases of 20 or more standards, publications, training videos. There is no 10% discount on purchasing of funds/credits.

Why am I no longer seeing $35 CQI Online Exam and $50 CQI Print Exam products?
These products consisted of purchasing exam credits in increments of $50, $35 and $1. Unfortunately, these three increment levels caused confusion with users and raised questions about the three levels. Many users mistakenly interpreted the $50 and $35 levels as a single exam unit or single exam credit. These were never intended to be a, “Seat”, “Exam”, or “Unit” purchase. These levels were intended to be used for the convenience of the customer in adding funds to an online certification account.

My last order included the 10% discount on CQI exam credits.  Why is this not showing on my new order?
We do recognize that some orders were processed with the 10% discount for certification exam fund credits in the past.  Future orders will no longer reflect this discount because the 10% discount does not apply to purchase of funds/credits.    

According to the distributor agreement between my company and IPC, 10% applies to 20 or more of the same item.  Can you clarify?
10% discount applies to physical inventory items, standards, publications, training videos.

3.1 Inventory Discounts in your contract – Distributor will receive an inventory discount of 10% of the sales price for purchases of 20 or more of any single item on one order. No other discounts will be provided.

When was this change implemented?
There has been no change. The 10% discount should not have been applied to certification exam fund credits.

Why were we not informed of this change?
There has been no change. The agreement between IPC and you has not changed.