Frequently Asked Questions: IPC EDGE

What is IPC EDGE?
IPC EDGE is an online learning platform designed to deliver the education needed to acquire and develop the competitive skills necessary to excel in the electronics industry. - From entry level to executives, IPC Edge courses provide a variety of flexible 24/7 learning opportunities. - White papers, webinars, IPC standards, skill development and certification foundation courses, IPC Edge is the educational resource essential to improve quality, reliability, and communication within the entire supply chain.

What are the technical requirements for using IPC Edge?
The technical requirements for IPC EDGE Courses Online are minimal:

IPC Edge can be accessed from any web enabled device (PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet) and can Run within your internet browser, so no additional software is needed.  It is compatible with all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari, EDGE).

IPC EDGE supports most modern desktop web browsers. The table below outlines our supported browser versions.

Supported Browsers

Browser Version
Chrome 51 or latest public version (PC and Mac)
Firefox 47 or latest public version (PC and Mac)
Safari 9 or latest public version (Mac)
Microsoft Edge 25 or latest public version (PC)
Internet Explorer 9 or latest public version (PC)

Browser Notes:

  • Your version of Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer depends on your device's operating system.
  • Browser add-ons, extensions, or compatibility-mode settings might interfere with functionality

Supported Tablet Devices, Operating Systems, and Mobile Browsers

Tablet OS supported Mobile Browser
Apple tablets 9 (latest public version) Safari
Android tablets Jelly Bean 4.1 (latest public version) Chrome

A high-speed connection is recommended. Low bandwidth can cause slow load times and overall audio, video, and general screen rendering and performance issues.

Is there software needed to print certification of completion?
Certificates are downloadable PDFs

How do I enroll myself for a course?

  • Go to
  • Locate the course you are looking for
  • Select “Add to cart”
  • Follow the instructions, starting with “Go to Checkout”.

How do I purchase a course for multiple learners other than myself?

  1. Go to
  2. Login
  3. Locate the course you are looking for
  4. Select “Purchase Learner Voucher(s)”
  5. Follow the instructions, starting with “Go to Checkout”.
  6. In the “Checkout screen” find the box indicated as “Quantity”
  7. Change the number from “1” to the quantity of vouchers you want to purchase
  8. When you select “Update” the checkout page will be updated, with correct quantity and price

How do I pay for the courses or vouchers?

  • Credit card via PayPal
    • Master Card, Visa, American Express
  •  PO
    • IPC Members may purchase courses by using a purchase order.  Purchase orders can only be accepted for course vouchers.  Please contact IPC Member Service for details. This service is not available for non-members.

What is a course voucher?
A voucher is another way to purchase a course or multiple courses. - A voucher is mainly used when purchasing a course for someone other than yourself or multiple users. - A company trainer or a training center would more than likely purchase vouchers. - A voucher code will be issued when purchasing a voucher and the code will need to be provided to the students. - The voucher code will need to be entered by the learner in order to access the course they will be taking.

Do I need to buy a voucher?
If you are purchasing a course for yourself there is no need to purchase a voucher. - Vouchers are mainly used when a trainer or training center is conducting a course for multiple students. Or if the person responsible for payment is not the same person taking the course.

May I cancel a course?
There are NO refunds or exchanges once you have purchased the course. - There is an option to remove a course prior to completing the checkout process.

How long do the courses take to complete?
The course lengths vary, and can be found on the course description page.

Are there credits / CEUs available for the courses?
No, not at this time. Future courses may offer CEUs or credits.

After I purchase, when is the course available?
The course is available as soon as you receive purchase confirmation, which is immediate for online payment. If you are paying with PO, this process will take 24-48 hours. - PLEASE NOTE:  Purchase orders are only accepted for voucher purchases. - Go to My Dashboard, and you will see all courses you have purchased.

How long can I access the course?
Courses are available for one year after the purchase date. - Those provided with a voucher code, the course will be available for one year after you have redeemed the voucher.

Can I share the online course content with others?
Each course is specific to the learner. You are not allowed to share the content with others.

Which courses are currently being offered?
There are courses covering various topics from soldering to wire harness to ESD. - The IPC EDGE search menu allows you to filter by topic, format, all learning, or search.

When will other courses become available?
New courses will be added at various times throughout the year. - When a new course becomes available it will be listed on the home page of IPC EDGE as a “Featured Course.”

What score must I achieve in order to pass an exam?
You must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to pass an exam.

Who sees my exam scores?
Exam scores are visible to the learner, and the purchaser (if using a voucher).

How many times can I take an exam, is there a waiting period, and is there a cost to retake an exam?
You are allowed to re-take the exam one additional time at no cost.

Are the courses available in multiple languages?
Multiple languages are not available yet.    

How can I get more information or help?
For all information and assistance, you can receive support from the IPC certification team by using the Help Desk.  *Note* You must create a login for the Help Desk in order for your inquiry to reach us successfully.