Embedded Inductor Sizing List

Inductors are not new elements in many printed board designs. Current loops induce a magnetic field in accordance with the right hand rule, thereby storing energy in a magnetic field. The sizing of inductors is dependent on a number of parameters, including metal line width and spacing, diameter of any circular geometries, dielectric gaps for multi-layer structures, dielectric properties of the surrounding materials, the separation from inductor to ground planes, and whether or not the ground plane is segmented for the inductor, just to name a few. Proper inductor sizing is best met with field simulation of the desired structure. Inductor simulations are usually done by HFSS or any 3D EM tools. IPC has therefore provided a list of shareware simulation programs that may be used for inductor sizing.

This list is dynamic and IPC recognizes that other programs are available and will be included as the IPC is notified. This list is not comprehensive, nor are any of the programs endorsed by IPC.

If you are familiar with another shareware simulation product or a change with one of the existing simulation programs, IPC encourages your input.

Please provide your name, e-mail address, company name, and program change/addition information in a written e-mail to JohnPerry@ipc.org. When providing information on a shareware program not currently listed, please include company Web site and simulation program name, if possible.”

Program Provider

Provided Web site

Program Name

Stanford Microwave Integrated Circuits Laboratory


Integrated Spiral Inductor Calculator

Circuit Sage


Inductor Mathcad


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