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This electronic bulletin board serves the design community as a forum for the orderly exchange of technical information and notice of design events.

IPC e-mail forums provide an excellent method for exchange of questions, comments and advice among industry experts. Additionally, the Designers Council e-mail forum can be used to post/search for industry-wide job openings.\

Here's the place to get the answers you need, from your peers. Information, comments, and feedback about local chapter meetings, new chapters forming, or anything else pertaining to the Designers Council are all encouraged. Other e-mail forums (such as TechNet, GenCAM, LeadFree) are also available.


You must be a Designers Council participant, and subscribed to the e-mail forum to post messages. If you have any questions or concerns about IPC's e-mail forums, please contact Vadim Matveyev.

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MESSAGE: subscribe DesignerCouncil [YourFirstName] [YourLastName]

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To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the forum, just send an e-mail to


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Industry Job Postings

Periodically, Industry job openings may be posted to our Designers Council e-mail forum.

Searching the Archive

For your convenience, you can search the archive.

Posting a Job

If you are currently signed up for the Designers Council e-mail forum, send a message to MAKE SURE you enter "employment" as one of the words in the subject of your e-mail.

Having "employment" as one of the words in the subject line is very important because the search link below automatically searches the archive for the "employment" string. Your message will not appear if you do not include this word.