Designers Council Leadership

Designers Council Committees consist of motivated individuals who determine the direction of the Designers Council. Their vision has helped make the Designers Council what it is today.

IPC Designers Council Executive Board

The Executive Board performs the management function of Designers Council activities such as education, technical, and member development programs. It also determines areas where design programs have not yet been initiated and where a need exists, sets up implementation plans, and facilitates resolutions of conflicts. This committee also ensures that the Designers Council addresses all issues in timely fashion and encourages all cooperating organizations to do the same. For additional information about the IPC Designers Council Executive Board, please contact

Chairman: Gary Ferrari, CID+, FTG Circuits 
Vice Chair: Richard P. Hartley, CID, Rhartley Enterprises

  • Richard P. Hartley, CID, Hartley Enterprises
  • Andrew Kowalewski, CID+, Senior PCB Designer
  • Rainer Thüringer, CID+, FED-Germany
  • Susy Webb, CID, Design Science (FairFieldNodal Industries)
  • Cherie Litson, CID+,  Litson1 Consulting
  • Scott McCurdy, FreedomCAD
  • Paul Fleming, CID+ , Integrity Engineering and Design Solutions
  • Mike Creeden, CID+ , PCB San Diego Design Consulting
  • Stephan Chavez, CID+ ,  UTC Aerospace Systems
  • Cheah Soo Lan, CID +, Selangor Human Resources Development Centre (SHRDC)

IPC Technical Committee Activity

Technical Committee Participation is a great way to contribute to the design community, and provides opportunity for your personal professional development.

Hundreds of people in the electronics industry are actively involved in IPC's standards development. Involvement in standards development helps ensure you and your company have an effect on the globally–used IPC standards.

This level of involvement allows you to focus on particular areas of the industry, then network with some of the industry's top professionals to develop standards that affect the industry and your company.

Below is a list of design–related technical committees. There are no membership requirements for those who want to participate. For more information or to join one of our design–related technical committees, please contact