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IPC submits comments to the EU on Conflict Minerals Initiative.

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IPC’s Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Guide

SEC Small Entity Compliance Guide

On August 22, 2012, the SEC voted in favor (3-2) of a final conflict minerals regulation. Overall, the final regulation is an improvement from the proposed rule and addresses 80 percent of the concerns raised by IPC. IPC has prepared a summary of the final rule for your convenience.

Although compliance will still be a significant burden for the industry, we believe the final rule makes reasonable accommodations to lowering the burden while achieving Congressional intent.

The final rule provides burden relief to the industry by establishing a unified reporting schedule, creating an indeterminate category, implementing a phase-in period, and removing the requirement that a CMR report is required for any recycled or scrap materials contained in a product. IPC has been a strong advocate for these provisions and are very pleased they are included in the final rules.

  • Following a reasonable country of origin inquiry, companies unable to determine the origin of the conflict minerals in their product may report the source of their conflict minerals as indeterminate for 2 years. Small companies have 4 years (the SEC did not define a small company during the meeting).
  • Unlike the proposal which would have required a CMR for all recycled or scrap sources of conflict minerals, companies need only conduct, disclose and describe a reasonable inquiry to verify that the conflict minerals come from scrap or recycled sources. A CMR is required only if the reasonable inquiry indicates that the source may not be from scrap or recycled sources.
  • CMR reports will be filed as part of a new SD form. The deadline for submitting the SD will be May 31 of each year, with data from January to December reported. The first report will be due May 31, 2014 for data from January 2013-December 2013. The SEC had originally proposed that each company would file according to their fiscal year. By providing a uniform reporting deadline, the burden on the supply chain will be reduced.

IPC's Conflict Minerals Resources
This page provides a variety of resources to aid in conflict minerals compliance. Sample letters to send to your customers and suppliers on communicating conflict minerals policies as well as links to the OECD guidance document are included on this page.

SEC Conflict Minerals Regulations — fact sheet (.pdf)

SEC Final Regulation (.pdf)

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