China Cyanide Gold Plating Regulations

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China proposed the elimination of cyanide gold plating processes in China. IPC staff and members in the US and in China, along with the China Printed Circuits Association (CPCA) and other industry associations, were instrumental in persuading the government to indefinitely suspend this troublesome regulation. The government stated the regulation will not be fully rescinded due to the danger and risk associated with the use of cyanide.

IPC continues to work with other associations and companies to provide technical information and data to NDRC on the highly sophisticated technical requirements of gold plating application in electronics sector and the need of careful evaluation of an alternative.

The NDRC intends to delay the ban on cyanide-gold plating until new cyanide-free gold plating technology matures. When cyanide-free gold plating technology is developed in the future, a transitional period will be implemented.  In the future, when NDRC reviews and release replaced technologies, they will define encouraged technology; restricted technology; and banned technology.

Postponement notice from the NDRC (in Chinese) 
Unofficial English translation