Certification Quality Initiative (CQI) Embraces Technology

Training & Certification is a key part of the IPC value to the industry. As we look to further growth, it is important that we embrace technology, we will improve the quality of our programs and simplify the way we get things done. We will protect the value of IPC certification for those individuals who are certified and candidates seeking certification. As part of this evolution, IPC has invested in the development of a new online portal and testing mechanism to increase security and streamline the way we execute testing and certification reporting.

As IPC transitions to the new online portal for online registration and online exams, many questions are being raised. Why is IPC doing this? When will this happen? How does it impact the trainer, student and training centers? Below you will find some key information to address these questions.

First, some key features of the new online portal:

  • Reduce candidate registration times
  • Improving exam security
  • Unique serial numbers for exams
  • In service reviews which allows IPC to dynamically adjust exams while in the field
  • Instructors can focus on quality of training, student performance
  • Testing system easy to navigate
  • Improve data integrity
  • Protect overall value of IPC certification

The quality of training delivered by a professional instructor is a key piece of IPC’s delivery strategy. For many years, the Instructor has had to fulfill many roles when delivering IPC certification and training. Filling many roles can be a distraction and in some cases, the quality of training is compromised when instructors are focused on teaching to the exam rather than focusing on the value-add of the training.

Online registration is aimed at simplifying the level of effort required to get students registered with IPC and subsequently, awarded with their certification. By entering the data at the point where students physically complete their certification, IPC is able to immediately process and update a candidate’s profile with their new achievement, greatly reducing turnaround time.

In order to secure our testing and exam delivery process, IPC evaluated its current testing methodologies to better protect our intellectual property and ensure continued quality of the IPC certification program by reducing breaches of security. Ultimately, CQI electronic testing is focused on eliminating paper-based exams in order to ensure reliability, validity, fairness and fair scoring in every exam we deliver.

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How does this impact IPC's current delivery model?

CQI fundamentally changes the way we manage candidate data and testing. The rollout of these changes are occurring in a phased approach which allows our training partners time to transition. The fundamental elements of the transition plan began in October 1, 2014. During this time period, our training partners:

  • Learned and adopted the CQI registration process and online testing through the certification portal
  • Fully used CQI's Report Entry function for student registration
  •  Established testing infrastructure and scheduling to best accommodate business needs
  • Provided feedback to IPC to allow us to improve the candidate experience as well as the overall system and applicable processes

All new certifications and/or new revisions released after November 2014 will only be available via CQI.

Phase II of the rollout is underway. IPC is adding additional functionality and changes based on the feedback from users. All of the modifications to CQI are intended to streamline the process and address issues which arose during the Phase I rollout.

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Where do I get help on CQI?

As this is a joint program between IPC and our delivery partners, our focus is to work with you through the transition period to make it successful. IPC will remain focused on assisting you with any questions or suggestions for improvement. We will be collecting feedback from our training partners and CQI users, to enhance and improve the CQI system.

  • We also offer you the opportunity to schedule a live demonstration and Q&A session which are scheduled twice weekly.
  • IPC has developed a CQI user guide and invested in online training modules which will help you to learn more about the CQI interface and processes. The user guide and video tutorials are available on the Certification Portal.

NOTE: IPC strongly recommends that you frequently visit the Certification Portal website in order to stay up to date and get access to the latest tutorials and user guides.

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Q & A Sessions

Due to the volume of Help Desk tickets received on a daily basis, IPC must dedicate our response efforts to CITs/MITs who are encountering major issues.

We would like to provide you with the opportunity to speak to an IPC staff member in our interactive Q&A sessions held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am Central Time. These sessions are designed to address all questions such as yours. For the immediate future, this is the only option being offered.

If you have not yet had the opportunity, please review the CQI Help Manual and FAQs located under the Help tab in the certification portal.

We look forward to assisting you in one of the free sessions listed below.

Tuesday Q&A — 10:00 am Central Time Thursday Q&A — 10:00 am Central Time

1. Please join my meeting.

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Online print function and future of paper exams

IPC is fully aware that in some cases you may encounter an on-site situation that hinders your ability to deliver exams electronically. To that end, IPC has implemented an "online print test" exam type which will allow you to print and deliver exams at a secure site. It is important to note the following:

  • The online print test option is intended to be used ONLY at secure sites where an internet connection is not possible due to high security restrictions.
  • The online print test option is designed to be used only when the circumstance dictates.
  • IPC requires that you file a waiver when using the online print test function. This is required so that IPC can understand and evaluate the scenarios in order to improve our systems and process to be able to drive electronic testing in the most diverse environments.
  • There will be an ongoing focus by IPC on refining the online print test option with the goal of having all exam results centrally validated and passed back to the instructor (future). Given the extra processing required, it will be likely that the price of online print exams will increase sometime in the future to address the additional processing requirements.
  • IPC reserves the right to issue temporary waivers (e.g. 6 months) and to revisit all waivers to determine if progress has been made toward online testing.

We look forward to working with our training partners to support the new online portal as we embrace technology and move to deliver online registration, online testing and online certification. 

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