Certification Extensions

Certification can be extended for a maximum of 90 days total. There are separate procedures for Certified IPC Trainers (Instructors) and Certified IPC Application Specialists (operator/worker proficiency), as noted below.

Certified IPC Trainers (CIT)

Certified IPC Trainers may login to the Certification Portal to view a history of their certifications and request an extension. Once requested, the Certification Portal will be updated to reflect the granted extension and the CIT will receive an auto-generated e-mail notification.

If the CIT encounters an error in their certification details, notification of the error should be sent to Help Center Portal. CITs should also review their contact details for accuracy by selecting Manage My Account. The CIT may make all updates except Company information.  If your employer or address has changed, please contact the following to update that information in your record:

IPC members: Membership@ipc.org

All others: DataEntry@ipc.org

Certified IPC Application Specialists (CIS) (Previously identified as operators, worker proficiency, inspectors, etc.)

These extensions, up to 90 days maximum, can be granted by a Certified IPC Trainer for that specific program. Use of the CIS Extension Form is suggested, but not required. When possible, it should be the CIT that originally granted the certification. If this isn’t possible extension can be granted by any currently certified CIT or MIT for that program.

Note: Validity of CIS extensions is ultimately determined by the employer. Some companies have documented quality programs that do not permit application-level extensions.


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