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David Bergman

David Bergman, IPC Vice President - International Relations

Yvonne Hargrove

Yvonne Julian Hargrove, Account Executive, Epoxy Products & Intermedia, Dow Chemical USA

Renee Michalkiewicz

Renee Michalkiewicz, General Manager, Trace Laboratories

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Learn more about IPC's activities and office in China.

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IPC Awards
Show someone that his contribution deserves special recognition by nominating him for an IPC award.

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IPC's Ultimate Award recognizing lifetime achievement.

IPC President's Award Winners
Recognition of those members who have exhibited ongoing leadership in IPC and have made significant contributions to the association and the electronic interconnect industry.

IPC Corporate Award Recipients
The Peter Sarmanian and Stan Plzak awards recognize companies in the printed board or electronics assembly and their contributions of time and talent to IPC.

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